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What’s up with all the bogus Nook book reviews? It’s a kids’ play-by-post role-playing game!

Regular Barnes and Noble customers have certainly run across this “issue” before – bogus book reviews with bizarre book summaries in the comments section that leave you scratching your head - and we're not talking about sock puppet reviews! Spam such as this is common on many websites but Barnes and Noble’s book reviews take the cake and seem to be favorite fodder for these bizarre book reviews
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Wii U owners say Pee-eww after day-one firmware update bricks systems

Reports coming out that a Wii U day-one firmware update is bricking units if power is lost during the update. Other users are reporting that the 5GB download bricks the system if Internet connectivity is lost. Out of the box, the Wii U isn't useful for much more than playing games. The launch-day update is needed to activate system features ranging from the new Miiverse social network and online eShop to the ability to play older Wii games on the system. Nintendo has yet to issue an official comment on the bricked consoles.
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Hi-tech Scrabble board costs $31K to make and features 225 RFID antennas for live game broadcasts

At $31,732 to construct, this is the Scrabble board to beat all Scrabble boards. Introduced this week at the Prague Mind Sports Festival, the board is constructed of carbon fiber materials and uses a custom LED lighting system in order to bring additional style and complete customization to the game table. The board is built with 9 RFID circuit boards and 225 RFID antennas that can read tiles placed on any of the Scrabble board’s squares. The custom-built RFID technology (each tile contains a RFID tag) is able to read the entire Scrabble board in 974 milliseconds. The data is then relayed to online viewers in an easy-to-follow, graphical display alongside HD video footage of each player as the game is in progress. Coupled with the online streaming of the tournament; fans of Scrabble will be able to easily track the action live as it unfolds from the venue.
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Seven Navy SEALs disciplined for releasing classified information during making of Medal of Honor game

Seven Navy SEALs have been charged with orders violation, misuse of command gear, dereliction of duty, and disclosure of classified material for acting as paid consultants on the EA video game Medal of Honor: Warfighter. According to CBS News, the SEALs are all active members of the notorious Team Six. The Navy also suspended half of the SEALs' pay for two months and sent letters of reprimand that would "kill their chances" of future promotion.

New SimCity trailer video shows destruction via tornadoes, meteor showers and UFO attacks

To be released in February 2013, the new SimCity version requires a bit more planning and forethought than early versions which should make game play much more challenging, and interesting. Players will be required to build infrastructure such as sewers, electrical power stations, streets, and roads. Once homes and businesses are constructed, the fun begins – it can all be destroyed by “natural” disasters including tornadoes, earthquakes, meteor showers, and yes, UFOs that slice houses in two with intense laser beams.

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