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EA game promotion goes haywire – allows gamers to download as many games as they want for free

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Electronic Arts EA Games logoIt’s a free-for-all! Well, it was for a little while anyway. The problem was fixed by about 9:00 AM on Monday but during the 18 hours that the system “hiccupped”, Electronic Arts (EA) customers spread the word on Reddit and rushed to download thousands of games – for free.

It began when EA offered users a download of one free game. Users completed a survey and were given a promotion code worth $20, the amount needed to download one free game. But people quickly recognized that the code could be used multiple times and well, if you give hell-bent, trash talking gamers a chance, they’re going to jump on it. Gamers quickly passed on the quirk through social media sites like Twitter and Reddit and the gold rush was on.

“They sent out emails with this code for completing a survey, but the code appears to be universal and not unique. I think it’s only for PC Digital downloads. Also, you can’t use it on a game 30 days new, Star Wars: The Old Republic, or any Valve games. I already got Dragon Age 2 and The Saboteur for free!”

EA, being the good guys that they are, laughed it off and said that they would “honor all sales made with the coupon code over the weekend and hope fans enjoy their games” to which one user posted:

“So apparently EA will honor all sales used with the exploited coupon code yesterday. In other words, they can’t work out who did what.”