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Hi-tech Scrabble board costs $31K to make and features 225 RFID antennas for live game broadcasts

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At $31,732 to construct, this is the Scrabble board to beat all Scrabble boards.  Introduced this week at the Prague Mind Sports Festival, the board is constructed of carbon fiber materials and uses a custom LED lighting system in order to bring additional style and complete customization to the game table. The board is built with 9 RFID circuit boards and 225 RFID antennas that can read tiles placed on any of the Scrabble board’s squares. The custom-built RFID technology (each tile contains a RFID tag) is able to read the entire Scrabble board in 974 milliseconds.  The data is then relayed to online viewers in an easy-to-follow, graphical display alongside HD video footage of each player as the game is in progress. Coupled with the online streaming of the tournament; fans of Scrabble will be able to easily track the action live as it unfolds from the venue.

According to Mind Sports CEO Dave Brannan:

“Our goal was to help bring popular Scrabble tournaments to life, whilst reaching a wider audience by capturing tournament play in a technologically advanced and engaging manner. This allows us to broadcast Scrabble in all its glory, interacting with viewers that share a passion for this iconic game and mind sports as a whole across the world.”