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New SimCity trailer video shows destruction via tornadoes, meteor showers and UFO attacks


To be released in February 2013, the new version of SimCity requires a bit more planning and forethought than earlier versions which should make gameplay more challenging – and interesting. Players will be required to build infrastructure such as commercial and industrial complexes, sewers, electrical power stations, streets, and roads. Once homes and businesses are constructed, the fun begins – it can all be destroyed by “natural” disasters including tornadoes, earthquakes, meteor showers, and yes, UFOs that slice houses in two with intense laser beams. Players prepare for disasters by maintaining robust infrastructure security that includes hospitals, police stations, and fire stations. Without these, your new virtual city is primed for destruction.

Here’s the EA trailer showing the new SimCity natural disasters.


New SimCity natural disaster trailer


Here’s another video that explains the complexities of the upcoming game and how it works.


SimCity gameplay strategy