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Train Life: A Railway Simulator will be pulling into the next station on 31 August: the game will be available for Early Access on Steam, before it pulls into the Epic Games Store at a later date.

Train Life: A Railway Simulator

Announced in February 2021, Train Life: A Railway Simulator will be the first of 5 simulation games to be released. Train and management game fans will have Early Access to this ambitious project beginning August 31.

Train Life: A Railway Simulator puts you at the head of a railway company. You develop your business to become the biggest rail company in Europe: hire drivers, buy new trains and achieve your contractual objectives! This unique management aspect is supported by the game’s detailed trains and driving system. NACON and Simteract have paid special attention to modelling the trains to ensure the game is both fun and authentic.

NACON says new content will be added regularly throughout the period of Early Access, including some legendary trains and, ultimately, 10,000 km of track across Europe. This detail and scope, along with dynamic weather, mean each voyage will be a unique experience.

Train Life: A Railway Simulator will be available in Early Access 31 August 2021 on Steam and on the Epic Games Store. You can also check out the Train Life: A Railway Simulator’s Steam page for more information.