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Godzilla movie (2014) – latest news – status watch [UPDATE]

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ComingSoon reported that Warner Bros. and Legendary Pictures set the release date for the movie Godzilla as May 15, 2014.  Godzilla 2014 will be a remake of the 1954 Ishirô Honda classic.  Godzilla will be directed by directed by Gareth Edwards, who previously directed Monsters.  Pre-production began in July 2012 with the first stab at writing beginning in October 2012 followed by rewrites in January 2013.  Filming will begin in Hawaii and Vancouver on March 14, 2013. The film’s cinematographer Seamus McGarvey who recently worked on Marvel’s The Avengers, stated that the shooting schedule is expected to be from March until June 2013.

The first Godzilla film was released in 1954 and was quickly adapted by an American company into Godzilla, King of the Monsters.  The latest Godzilla film was Godzilla: Final Wars which played in theaters in 2004.

Update: 1/18/13 – It has been reported that Dan Lin and Roy Lee departed the project. Officially the exit was due to time constraints but according to The Hollywood Reporter, the pair left over creative and financial differences with Legendary Pictures (Legendary wanted the pair to reduce their fees for the film), and Legendary was buying out their producer contracts. The next day it was reported that Frank Darabont was added to work on the film script and Mary Parent would join the project as a producer.