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The Walking Dead tour of the new Prison Set


In season 3, The Walking Dead’s story arc will primarily take place in a prison (West Central Prison located in Georgia).  In the comic book story line, the characters arrived in the prison in Issue 13 and left in Issue 48 so their stay in the TV series could be an extended one (similar to their stay at “The Farm” in season 2).

Rather than use an existing, abandoned prison, the prison used in the TV series was a mind-boggling set built from the ground up by a production crew.  It is located in a secret location in Coweta County, Georgia (where most of the series has been filmed).  Sources reveal the prison set is in a remote, out-of-the-way location, surrounded by forests, and not visible from the road.  The set is amazing but still, the source revealed that CGI will be used to spruce it up a bit.

Below is a video tour of the Walking Dead prison set.


Video courtesy of AMC