World of Warcraft screenshots contain embedded player information

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Techspot is reporting that Blizzard secretly embeds World of Warcraft player information into screenshot graphics in an effort to track down illegal private servers.  A Slashdot member notice strange artifacts in WOW screen shots that he was taking.  According to Techunknowns, after a few days, a group from OwnedCore was able to decrypt the information…

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Scientists generate world-record laser light blast

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Scientists have just generated the world’s fastest laser light pulse, a beam that shoots for 67 attoseconds, or 0.000000000000000067 seconds.  Such a quick burst is useful for allowing scientists to view extremely fast quantum mechanical processes, such as movement of electrons during chemical reactions.  According to Wired magazine: To achieve their record-setting blast, the researchers…

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Jupiter may have just taken a hit for us

Two separate sightings on Monday indicate something big happened on Jupiter. Two astronomers reported seeing a bright flash on the surface of Jupiter on Monday at 6:35 AM CDT. One astronomer, George Hall from Dallas, recorded the event which set the astronomer community abuzz.

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Mark Cuban explains why he lost a ton of money on Facebook stock

Mark Cuban, the geeky American magnate who owns the Dallas Mavericks NBA team, posted an interesting explanation of mentality of stock trading. If you are a geek that trades stocks or is interested in pillaging the stock market, check out Cuban’s reason for losing a boatload of money buying Facebook stock. Facebook stock was played…

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Mars Curiosity Rover leaves tracks visible from space

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Curiosity Rover has certainly left its mark on the planet Mars.  Photos taken by NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter have been released showing the tire tracks left by Curiosity on the planet’s surface.  The bluish color spots are where Curiosity landed (named Bradbury landing after famous science fiction writer, Ray Bradbury) blowing Mars dust away from…

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CW Network working on new Wonder Woman TV show

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According to Vulture, It looks like Wonder Woman (or a slight variant of) could be returning to TV even after last year, NBC cancelled a Wonder Woman project before the pilot even aired.  Following the success of Smallville, which ran on CW and told the story of Superman before he became Superman, the CW network…

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