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6 Most Likely Places to find Alien Life in the Solar System

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Enceladus - one of Saturn's moons that could host ran a piece noting their opinion on the six most likely places we will find life in the Solar System.  Drum roll…

  1. Enceladus (one of Saturn’s moons) – Cassini photographed geysers of frozen water spewing from the southern hemisphere.
  2. Mars – NASA believes it might have water just beneath the surface.
  3. Titan (Saturns’s largest moon) – very active chemical system and liquid natural gas lakes.
  4. Europa (Jovian moon) – probably has more water than Earth but it’s buried underneath 10 miles of ice.
  5. Venus – although the surface is blistering hot, some scientists believe there could be microbial life in the atmosphere where the temperatures are cooler.
  6. Callisto and Ganymede (two of Jupiter’s moons) – may have buried liquid oceans beneath 60 miles of rock.