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Up close and personal – Typhoon fighter jet nearly lands on onlookers’ heads at RAF airshow

typhoon fighter jet nearly lands on onlookers heads at raf airshow

Up close and personal, RAF Waddington Air Show viewers got the shock of their lives when a RAF Typhoon jet fighter accidentally dropped too low during a landing, skimming just a few feet above the heads of onlookers and barely clearing an airport boundary fence. The plane spotters were located just outside of the airport under the flight path. Some ducked in terror while others appeared to have been blown over by the jet’s exhaust as it passed overhead.

One adrenaline fueled onlooker commented:

“Either very skilled or very lucky, you decide. I’m saying SKILL!”

Check out the video below.

RAF Typhoon fighter jet skims heads of airshow viewers
Sources: YouTube (bobsugranny), Daily Mail UK