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North Korea surprises the world with their stupidly simple military drones – RC planes with GoPro cameras attached

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U.S. Global Hawk military drone

Although they pale in comparison to the United States’ Predator and Global Hawk military drones, North Korea apparently has a military drone program of their own, albeit Kim Jong-un’s version is little more than a RC plane with GoPro cameras strapped on.  South Korea said today that two of the drones crashed outside their military installations near Paju, just south of the Korean DMZ.

South Korea reported that the drones were equipped with high-resolution cameras (GoPro cameras are suspected) and used engines that appeared to be fairly standard model airplane engines.  They may not rival DARPAs surveillance drones, which are capable of shooting 1.8-gigapixel images and can spot at terrorist at 20,000 feet, we have to give North Korea credit not only for the additional comedic entertainment they have provided but for the fact that they did indeed reach the South Korean military installations unimpeded.

Check out pictures of the crashed drones below the break.