Scientists have measured the shortest interval of time ever recorded – and now know it takes 247 zeptoseconds for a particle of light to cross a single hydrogen molecule.

Photoelectric effect

It’s official folks. It takes 247 zeptoseconds, or a trillionth of a billionth of a second, for a particle of light to cross a single molecule of hydrogen marking the shortest interval of time ever recorded. Yep, that’s a 1 written behind 20 zeroes and a decimal point. Blink, blink. It’s gone. The measurement was…

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For first time in history, dinosaur fossils found in Saudi Arabia

image thumb681

For the first time in history, confirmed dinosaur fossils have been found in Saudi Arabia. Rare in the Arabian Peninsula, the finding of the 72-million-year-old tail-bones of the plant-eating titanosaur and a fossilized teeth of a sharp-toothed theropod were discovered in the Adaffa formation, a pile of sandstone and conglomerates deposited during the Late Cretaceous…

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Captured sea serpent? No, it’s a rarely seen Giant Oarfish

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The picture above is not photoshopped nor is the strange looking creature some sort of sea serpent. What we have here is a rare Oarfish, found in tropical waters but rarely seen or caught. Oarfish frequent depths down to 3,300 feet and can grow up to 56 feet in length (they are considered one of…

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