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It is official–there is enough wind in the world to meet our energy requirements

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Wind turbines are greenIt’s official, there is enough wind on the plane to supply all the world’s power requirements.  Affordability however, is an altogether different matter.  Everyone knows that wind is a great green power generation source because it doesn’t emit harmful gases like other energy options.  But scientists were unsure whether there was enough wind on the planet to meet our requirements.  Two different studies by two different U.S. science teams were published in two separate journals earlier this week.  Both agreed, there is plenty of wind to meet Earth’s energy requirements.  According to AP:

[The studies] calculated that existing wind turbine technology could produce hundreds of trillions of watts of power. That’s more than 10 times what the world now consumes.

The problems however, are cost, infrastructure requirements, and available space.  According to one of the studies,

To power civilization with wind turbines, I think you’re talking about a couple wind turbines every square mile.

Geek Slop thinks the answer to the infrastructure and space questions is this:


Wind turbines in oceans could solve space issues