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Russian explorers prove it’s possible to drive from Russia to Canada across North Pole

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Russian explorers prove it's possible to drive from Russua to Canada in a car

It took two and a half months at a speed of only 6.2 MPH but Russian explorers have proven that it is indeed possible to drive from Russia to Canada across the North Pole.  The seven Russian explorers drove a custom-made bus in an effort to road test the automobile over ice and water.  Their bright-red vehicle was built around Toyota diesel engines and prototype parts.  It’s huge bloated tires (and enough storage capacity to carry three tons of diesel fuel) allow it to traverse the northern pole’s ice and water.  During their expedition, the explorers crossed paths with polar bears, numerous seals, and a huddle of mustachioed walruses and said that the Aurora borealis performed for the travelers, lighting up “the entire sky”.

At one point, their expedition almost came to a complete stop.  The explorers told how “heaven helped us” along the way:

“Suddenly the ice floes shifted beneath their feet and closed over the open waters ahead of them. They kicked the vans in gear and drove, but barely two minutes after crossing to the other side the gap opened up again.”

The vehicles have been stored in a garage at Resolute Bay while the team flew home to rest and prepare for the long journey back home.  The vehicles are to be retrieved next February and driven West across the Bering Straight and back to Russia.