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Is a Jurassic Park style Woolly Mammoth in the making?

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Woolly MammothScientists in Russia have found the remains of a woolly mammoth in a remote area of Russia and the sample they found has some cell nuclei intact providing some hope that the cells can be used to clone a living woolly mammoth (think Jurassic Park). The remains included fur and bone marrow and were found at a depth of 16-20 feet. In order to clone though, they need living cells. They are now searching for living cells to begin the cloning process. However, the Russians explained that they are counting on the region’s permafrost to keep the cells alive and that they feel the chances of finding living cells is unlikely.

According to the Russian scientists:

What we have found are intact cells, with a whole nuclei. But living cells, if found, would provide the necessary samples to make a living clone.

The remains have been sent to South Korean scientists Hwang Woo Suk, who holds the distinction of cloning the world’s first dog.