New wearable personal firewall developed for implanted medical devices – protects insulin pumps and pacemakers from hijacking attacks

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News that personal medical devices such as insulin pumps, pacemakers, and other wearable or implanted devices, could be hacked sent shockwaves through the medical community but researchers from Purdue and Princeton were quick to react. They have developed a signal-jamming personal firewall to protect medical devices, such as insulin pumps and pacemakers, from being hacked.

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Girl has stomach removed after drinking cocktail with liquid nitrogen in it

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Liquid nitrogen boils at -196C, a characteristic that makes it pretty cool for oh, flash freezing alcoholic beverages and making cocktails give off a cloud of smoky vapor. That’s what Oscar’s Wine Bar in the United Kingdom puts in their drinks to give them that “cool” look. Until yesterday when Gaby Scanion, a teenager who…

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See why Junk DNA might not be as worthless as they thought


40 years ago, scientists coined the term “Junk DNA” to describe the part of the genome that does not contain any genes. Given that genes represent the body’s instructions for how to make vital proteins, egotistical scientists figured Mother Nature must have screwed up in the 98% of the genome without any genes. Or so…

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New research again shows green tea increases memory brain cells

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Are Chinese so smart because they drink Green Tea?  Research just published in Molecular Nutrition & Food Research seems to indicate so. EGCG in green tea is the key.  Professor Yun Bai from the Third Military Medical University, Chongqing, China explained: Green tea is a popular beverage across the world.  There has been plenty of…

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