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$14,000 Gyrowinder gyroscopic watch winder is an engineering work of art

Gyrowinder gyroscopic watch winder

German Dottling’s $14,000 Gyrowinder clock is a beautiful engineering work of art.  The high-precision instrument is the first to enable completely free rotation of the watch in every direction – including a complete rollover – which is the closest one can get to wearing the watch on the wrist. Visually, the Gyrowinder recalls the opulent tradition of nautical navigation instruments, with their gimbals and finest materials, created for perpetuity.

The Gyrowinder winding system sits on a base covered with a hand-blown crystal glass dome cover. It comes with a series of counterweights that can be used in order to keep the face of the watch pointed in one direction. The Gyrowinder also has a series of LED lights that illuminate the watch.

Check out the video below showing the Gyrowinder in action and the beautiful photo montage below.


Gyrrowinder Watch–engineering work of art