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New automobile technology makes backing up easier by making back seat appear to be transparent [VIDEO]


Technology developed by Keio University in Japan uses a system of rear-facing cameras to capture the view behind the automobile and project the life-size video image onto the backseat of the car making it appear as if the backseat of the car is transparent.  The material on the backseat, called a recursive reflector, makes this all possible.  The dual-cameras correct the image sizes making them appear to be their true size while the seat material gives the image depth.

“The main feature of our system is, it makes things look as if you can really see through them, rather than giving an indirect view of what’s behind.”

Based on early tests, they are already talking to car manufacturers about including the new technology in upcoming models.  They hope to eventually make the entire car interior (and possibly exterior) appear to be transparent.


Cameras and new material give car a transparent back seat


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