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Check out the award winning Contre Jour game ported to web browsers using straight HTML5 and JavaScript

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Contre Jour game ported to HTML5Contre Jour, developed by Ukrainian developer Hyrniv Mokus and published by Chillingo, garnered a lot of praise when it was first released on the iOS platform. ABC news said, “the game is so well designed that it almost feels like you’re playing a piece of art.” Now Microsoft has ported the game to HTML5 in a promotion for their web browser and Windows 8.

Microsoft teamed up with the developer of Contre Jour in an ambitious project to port the game to web browsers using HTML5. Microsoft wanted to showcase their web browser and particularly Windows 8’s multi-touch features. When Microsoft first approached the developers, Hyrniv felt it could not be done so he refused.

“I didn’t think it was possible to bring my all the intricacies of my game to the Web. Once I understood how amazing the Web game could be, I immediately went to work on creating more levels!”

Microsoft was persistent though. They offered to build one level to prove to him that it could be done. They assembled three teams to port Contre Jour from its native Objective-C code to a browser based application using HTML, CSS3, and JavaScript. In a couple of months, the game was completed.

Microsoft describes the game on their site:

“Hauntingly beautiful, pleasantly challenging and strangely addicting… Contre Jour is now on the web! Swing, shoot, drop or fling Petit through 30 free challenging levels right in your browser. Optimized for touch, Contre Jour is at its best using a modern browser. Find out if you have what it takes to help Petit reach his goal.”

The web-based version features the first three chapters of the game, or 30 levels of play. The end result definitely blurs the lines between a native application and a web application.

Check out the video below or play the amazing game here.


Contre Jour game ported to HTML5


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