Hacking and Security

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And the top attackers for June 9, 2020 are…

Somewhat unusual cast of characters today. IPHostCountryBlock Count45.235.36.98ANMAX TELECOMUNICACIONES MAXIMILIANO BIONDI EIRL   Chile302177.41.23.8Diretoria de Planejamento e Tecnologia   Brazil263103.62.140.205CIRCLE NETWORK   Bangladesh197103.219.206.80Knet Solutions P. Ltd   India91202.47.35.198Cyber Internet Services Pakistan   Pakistan30 Most of…
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India’s hackers-for-hire firm, BellTroX InfoTech Services, determined to be targeting US businesses, government officials, journalists, advocacy groups, non-profits…

Evidence shows BellTroX InfoTech Services, aka Dark Basin or Mercenary.Amanda, targeted government officials, celebrities, non-profit organizations, advocacy groups, journalists, investors, and large and small corporations in a hacking spree that is believed to be under investigation by U.S. law enforcement.
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Guccifer 2.0 mistakenly reveals identity after accidentally dropping VPN connection – and yes, pigs can fly

News erupted this week proclaiming the enigmatic hacker, Guccifer 2.0, accidentally dropped his VPN connection, revealing his secret identity. According to Daily Beast, his true IP address was revealed while he visited a social media site – and it tracked directly to Russia’s GRU headquarters. That’s akin to Batman forgetting to put on his mask or locking the door to the bat-cave. Could it happen? Sure. But not likely.
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Rule 41 changes pass – long live legalized electronic eavesdropping of all Americans!

The new Rule 41 dictate is going to be law and it's a doozy, both mind-boggling (for its stupidity) and stomach-churning (for its stupidity) at the same time. Effectively, what the law does is allow any judge, anywhere (including Podunk, Texas), to grant a warrant for electronic surveillance of any US citizen. If you thought the NSA spying fiasco was bad – you ain't seen nothing yet.

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