Widespread Twitter attack – here’s how it played out.

Caution Twitter Hack and Crash

It was pretty clear from the start that the hack against Twitter was more than a simple security breach of a handful of user accounts. The smash and grab attack struck celebrities, politicians, and billionaires including Bill Gates, Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, Warren Buffett, Joe Biden, Barack Obama, Kayne West, Binance and companies like Apple,…

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New CallStranger exploit takes advantage of UPnP vulnerability in millions of routers, gaming systems, TVs, printers, and other Internet-connected attachable devices.

New CallStranger exploit takes advantage of UPnP vulnerability

Researchers just announced the discovery of a UPnP vulnerability that impacts any UPnP device exposed on the Internet. The attack, called CallStranger (CVE-2020-12695), is being used for massive DDoS attacks , to exfiltrate data, and to scan ports from Internet-facing UPnP devices. How the CallStranger exploit works The attack takes advantage of a Callback header…

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And the top attackers for June 9, 2020 are…

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Somewhat unusual cast of characters today. IPHostCountryBlock Count45.235.36.98ANMAX TELECOMUNICACIONES MAXIMILIANO BIONDI EIRL   Chile302177.41.23.8Diretoria de Planejamento e Tecnologia   Brazil263103.62.140.205CIRCLE NETWORK   Bangladesh197103.219.206.80Knet Solutions P. Ltd   India91202.47.35.198Cyber Internet Services Pakistan   Pakistan30 Most of these are blocking probes.

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