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Anonymous vs. Westboro Baptist Church heats up after church threatens to protest at Sandy Hook school

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Westboro Baptist Church protestors

Anonymous renewed their attack on Westboro Baptist Church after church members announced their plans to picket in front of the Sandy Hook Elementary School (the site of the recent mass shooting that left 20 children and 6 adults dead).  Westboro Baptist Church and the Phelps family that runs the church, are notorious for their outspoken belief that the evils of the world are a result of God’s punishment.  Church members promote their belief through protests in inappropriate locations such as funerals and the sites of devastating criminal acts.  Today, tweets from church members claimed that the killing of the 20 young children was a part of God’s punishment and the church announced their intent to protest in front of the Sandy Hook school.  Anonymous responded by reposting personal information, including SSNs, email addresses, phone numbers, and mailing addresses, for church members and supporters.  Hours later Anonymous hacked the Westboro Baptist Church website.  Anonymous has indicated that the attacks against Westboro are just beginning.

UPDATE 12/16/12: WBC hosts a AMA on Reddit (supposedly the AMA was verified via their official Twitter account before it was hacked) – then fails to respond to any of the questions (and insults) posed from readers.

Westboro Baptist Church AMA on Reddit

UPDATE 12/17/12: The Twitter account of Shirley Phelps (@DearShirley) has been hacked.