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Chinese manufacturer cracks Apple’s Lightning controller chips bypassing authentication mechanism


iPhone5Mod Flash Lightning DockiPhone5Mod, a Chinese manufacturer of “cool” iPhone accessories, claims to have successfully tested cracked Apple’s Lightening controller chips that bypass Apple’s authentication mechanism. This would allow third party manufacturers to produce cheaper iPhone replacement cables and possibly get them to market by this year’s holiday season.

Apple tightly controls “official” Lightning cables and accessories via tight licensing restrictions with OEMs. Fair enough – we can almost buy the “quality control” argument. But Apple has yet to release complete information about the standard and says they won’t until November, way too late for producers to manufacture devices for the holiday season (which means Apple will be the only provider for Lightning accessories, such as cables and docks, this year).

Kudos to iPhone5Mod for the crack but let’s face it, if Apple was smart in their design, they’ll block your “crack” with their next software update (and blame the recent congress report heralding the dangers of doing business with Chinese manufacturers as the reason).

Good try though.

Here’s a iPhone5Mod video of a product that they *claim* uses normal Lightning connectors…


iPhone5Mod Flash Lightning Dock