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Israel building out its elite “cyber warrior” combat group – Aman’s Intelligence Corps Unit 8200

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Israel flagThe Jewish state is currently searching for young cyber-warriors to staff its Intelligence Corps Unit 8200 group, an elite cyber-warrior combat group led by Major General Ben Israel, in what it deems a high-priority operation. The move is in response to Iran’s new cyber command group which was formed more than a year ago. Most nations have realized that combat in cyberspace has become the fifth dimension of warfare following land, sea, air, and space and are scrambling to shore up military cyberattack/cybersecurity groups.

Major General Ben Israel is Israel’s leading cyber warfare expert, widely acknowledged to be the architect of the air strike that decimated a Syrian nuclear facility in Deir-Az-Zur in 2007. The attack was possible only because Syrian air defense systems were penetrated and shut down minutes before the attack. Israel likely also played a major part in the Stuxnet control system attack against Iran’s SCADA facilities.

According to Major General Ben Israel:

“Cyber technology is a new weapon in the old business of warfare. If we want to defend ourselves, we have to dominate this field.”

Israel, and its Aman military intelligence section, has long been a leader in cyber-warfare but has only recently publicly acknowledged its campaign to build the world’s best cybersecurity and cyberspace combat group.