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Legendary convicted music pirate pressured to work for RIAA as spokesperson – tells them “go F*#k yourself”

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The RIAA is once again tightening the screws on a music pirate that was convicted for piracy and fined $222,000 in October 2007.  Jammie Thomas, a 36-year woman from Minnesota, owes the RIAA $222,000 for sharing 24 songs online. The case was one of the first file-sharing related lawsuits ever and is best known for the ghastly inappropriate fine that was later supported by several courts.

Wired reports that the anti-piracy group has offered to reduce Thomas’s fine if she agrees to “work” for them campaigning against piracy. Thomas has resolutely refused the offer. “I’m not doing it,” she said.

The RIAA put on their meekest, innocent-looking face and told Wired magazine:

“We think this is a gesture of a good will and we’re doing what we can to resolve this case in a manner that works for everyone.”

To Thomas however, the offer must seem like additional bullying from the RIAA and a rude slap in the face after an already brutal one-sided beating.  Instead, Thomas will simply pay the fine or file for bankruptcy (in which case, everyone loses except for the lawyers).