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Pirate Party offers birthday gift for NASA – you can use our servers while U.S. funding gets worked out

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Pirate Party of Russia (Russian: Пиратская Партия России, ППР)

The Pirate Party of Russia (Russian: Пиратская Партия России, ППР), a grassroots effort to promote e-democracy, freedom of information, and protection of personal privacy, has offered NASA a birthday gift as the space institution marks its 55th birthday this week. While the space agency’s website has been shut down “due to the lapse in federal government funding”, the Pirate Party has offered NASA the use of its dedicated servers to temporarily host the US space agency’s website. In a statement posted on its website, the Pirate Party extended this invitation:

“We would like to offer you bulletproof collocation or dedicated servers on our hosting platform till the end of the crisis. We stand for Internet privacy, and as the result you would not have to worry about programs such as PRISM and other illegal activities of secret services of different countries. Your traffic, your activity and the activity of your users will be in safety.”

The Pirate Party, founded in 2009 and based on the model of the Swedish Pirate Party, is active in Russia as a public movement, but the Justice Ministry has refused to register it as a political party, claiming that the name “pirate” is a reference to “an attack on a sea or river craft, which is a criminal offense”. It claims representation in 48 regions of Russia with 5,000 applicants and at least 30,000 supporters.