Seven rent-to-own companies secretly monitored and remotely controlled customers’ rented PCs – captured users’ intimate moments

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It comes as no surprise that rent-to-own companies can be a little… seedy. Seven rent-to-own companies, comprising 1,617 stores in the United States and Canada, and a software developer based in Pennsylvania, have settled federal charges that they used spyware to remotely monitor their customers who rented personal computers, including turning on webcams to monitor…

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If you are running Tor, you might be running a botnet too

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Security researchers have identified a new botnet that is controlled by attackers from an Internet Relay Chat (IRC) server running as a hidden service inside the Tor anonymity network. Unable to determine its real location or sniff its encrypted traffic, law enforcement are going to have a tough time shutting it down.

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Iran launches organized cyberattack against U.S. banks

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The banks of JP Morgan Chase and Bank of America are being increasingly targeted this week, in a systematic denial-of-service (DoS) attack against their websites. National security officials told NBC News that the cyber attacks are originating from the government of Iran and as a result, the cyber threat level was raised from “elevated” to…

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Al Jazeera website hacked

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Visitors to Al Jazeera’s website got a surprise overnight.  Hackers replaced Al Jazeera’s home page with a message saying it was done in protest against the Doha-based television station’s coverage of the Syrian conflict.  The attack lasted for several hours during which visitors were served a page with a Syrian flag and a message explaining…

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Antisec hacks 12 million Apple UDIDs from FBI Cyber Security agent’s laptop

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Antisec (hacking group) is at it again and this time they’ve surprised us with an example of how lax the United States’ security policies have become.  Antisec managed to hack an FBI agent’s Dell laptop computer.  Utilizing a shell session, the hacker(s) noticed a file sitting on the FBI agent’s desktop that look interesting.  They…

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