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Memoto discrete, wearable digital camera records your entire life in 30-second intervals and saves recorded “moments” in the cloud

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Memoto discrete, wearable digital camera records your life in 30-second intervals

Examples of how the Memoto life-recording camera can be wornStockholm-based Memoto, has developed a postage-stamp sized, waterproof, wearable camera that snaps a photo of your surroundings every 30 seconds, creating a visual archive of your life. The camera shoots 5 megapixel pictures, logs GPS coordinates and date/time, and has a two-day battery. It is capable of storing over 4,000 photos (about two-days worth of pictures).  A small, stainless steel clip allows the wearer to discretely attach the camera to their clothing or wear it around their neck as a necklace.

The Memoto kit includes software that organizes the pictures for you and automatically corrects the orientation of each shot. When connected to your computer, the camera will automatically upload the photos as it is charging. Smartphone apps are available which allow you to view the pictures in groups of “moments” on a timeline. On the Memoto timeline, you are presented with keyframes (about 30 per day) each representing one moment. You then tap a moment to relive it in a stop-motion like video of all the pictures in that moment.

Since up to 4GB of data a day are created, a monthly cloud service is offered for a flat fee (pictures can be integrated into social networks too). The project is currently running on Kickstarter. Production is expected to begin in January 2013 with the first units shipping in February 2013.