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New USB 3.0 will allow much faster charging times for mobile devices

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Picture showing the multitude of USB connectors availableNew Micro-USB 3.0 ports in upcoming smartphones and tablets will allow for much faster charging time.  Most smartphones today use micro-USB ports with a cable connecting the port to a computer or power outlet.

According to InfoWorld, the new micro-USB 3.0 cable can carry more power over a cable than its predecessor (USB 2.0) which will allow mobile devices to recharge must faster than in the past.  The new cord will supply more voltage and be able to deliver power up to 100 watts.  Compare that to the maximum of 7.5 watts that today’s micro-USB 2.0 cables are capable of.  In addition, more data will be able to flow across the cable with speeds up to a data rate of 5Gbps which is 10 times faster than the current USB 2.0 specification.  To top it off, the connector has a new audio and video specification which could lead to new innovative docking products too.  And yes, it is backward compatible with older devices.

The technology is not quite as fast as Apple’s Thunderbolt technology which is already appearing on new Apple laptops.  But will smartphone manufacturers be able to fit both a USB and Thunderbolt port in their mobile devices?  We think not.  And with USB technology usage so widespread, Thunderbolt technology will likely be walled off and available only for the Apple geeks.