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Call for sharing of pictures of local school “sluts” on Instagram leads to full-scale riot in Sweden

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Students in Gothenberg Sweden riot after posting of underaged "sluts" on Instagram

It started innocently enough [sarcasm]. An Instagram user asked for pictures and tips on “sluts” in the Gothenburg, Sweden area and promised anonymity to anyone sending in pictures of the local school “whores”.  In response, the Instagram user received more than 200 pictures of girls and boys aged 13 to 14, many accompanied with names and explicit descriptions of their alleged sexual activities.  The Instagram account quickly grew to 8,000 followers before it was shutdown by Instagram.  The allegations then moved to a Facebook page as users began naming each other in the pictures.  A Facebook user suggested they all assemble at the school of the 17-year-old girl believed to have posted the initial Instagram ‘slut request’ in order to give her a well-deserved beat down.  Scores of people responded confirming they would show up.

Rioters stormed the school and jumped on carsGothenberg police stated:

“As far as I know, about 600 said they were coming on the Facebook event page and are heading here.”

Streets were quickly blocked off and police on horseback were dispatched to the scene which quickly grew to riot proportions. SWAT teams stormed the scene and police began using city buses to shuttle people away from the ever-growing violent scene.  Reports of students kicking down lampposts and jumping on cars began coming in as police noted, “It doesn’t feel like we have control of the situation at the moment”.

The riot occurred the day after Instagram modified its term of service to allow selling of users photographs (which Instagram quickly backed down on after hordes of users voiced their displeasure).  By the end of the day, 27 people were arrested in connection with the riots.  The alleged Instragram account owner is reported to be in hiding.