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Facebook developing a Craigslist-like classified ad service to inject personal ads in Facebook friends’ Timeline

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Facebook logoThe Daily is reporting that two independent sources have acknowledged that Facebook is working on a new service, code named “MarketPlace”, that will allow users to create short advertisements that appear in their friends’ news feeds. Much like Facebook’s “promoted posts” service, MarketPlace would allow users to pay a small fee in order to create and distribute the classified advertisement.

The ads can be shared by users with other friends, even if they are not friends with the original poster, and can also target specific geographic locations for distribution. In addition, the service would allow “qualifications” to be specified so that ad only is displayed to Facebook users who met certain criteria. The classified ad service will include unique functionality for job postings, housing postings, and even a service that allows posting of ad-like topics such as “how to wire a house” or “how to change a flat tire” (which users can also share with friends).

According to The Daily

“The whole affair seems to be very targeted, allowing users to locate anything from roommates to jobs by taking advantage of Facebook’s vast network. This focused method is the very opposite of Craigslist’s wider (but so-far successful) shotgun approach; instead of broadcasting ads to everyone on the Web, Facebook will just display those that are relevant to the users that might be interested.”

Sources: The Daily Dot