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Hootsuite acquires Seesmic and sends consumer users packing

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Seesmic logoTwitter bought Tweetdeck and now Hootsuite and acquired Seesmic, the creator of popular social networking clients since 2008.  This comes after Twitter announced a tightening of their developer API and announced to developers that “they should not build client apps that mimic or reproduce the mainstream Twitter consumer client experience.”  Hootsuite has over 4 million active users and intends to migrate business users of the Seesmic tool to Hootsuite’s own social media management tool.  As for regular Joe consumers who use Seesmic as their social networking toolkit – Hootsuite has said that “consumer users of Seesmic are encouraged to explore new tools, apps and features available at”.  Ouch.

The acquisition will include Seesmic Ping (the successor to, a popular iPhone and Android app that lets users post and schedule pics and links to Twitter, Facebook Pages, and LinkedIn.