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Hurricane Sandy blows – knocks Huffington Post, Gawker, LiveStream, and BuzzFeed offline

Hurricane Sandy satellite photo

Hurricane Sandy satellite photoIf you’re looking for Hurricane Sandy updates, don’t count on Huffington Post of BuzzFeed to fuel your information needs – they were knocked offline by Hurricane Sandy.

BuzzFeed blamed their ISP, DataGram, and  noted:

“The Tumblr quotes a DataGram rep as saying “Basement flooded, fuel pump off line – we got people working on it now. 5 feet of water now.”

And Huffington Post, offering limited connectivity, told readers:

“Due to power outages caused by Superstorm Sandy, our own website is experiencing technical difficulties. We are working around the clock to get the site back to normal. The news team, which has offices around the U.S. and in other countries, is still monitoring everything and will be updating this page with the latest on the storm. We will also update our social media accounts.”

While Gawker noted a datacenter battery failure caused their outage and tweeted:

“We’re continuing to work on our servers and will be back online as soon as is possible. We miss you already. Stay dry.”

Other sites knocked offline included Gizmodo, Jezebel (owned by Gawker), and LiveStream.  Even the United Nations website was down ( Reasons for the outages vary but most seem to have been due to backup battery failures.

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