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Microsoft’s Skydrive website sending millions of Null characters to web users – kills Opera browsers

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Opera browser logoAn Opera browser core tester has found an interesting bug in Microsoft’s Skydrive cloud drive service. For some strange reason, the Skydrive website sends a large quantity of NULL characters to users who open their files from the website.  The Nulls are likely some sort of padding and do not affect Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, or Firefox browsers. For Opera users it’s a different matter.  The extraneous Null characters cause CPU utilization to shoot up to 100% on most systems and for Opera users, this effectively causes the web browser to hang making the site unusable for Opera browser users (who luckily represent less than 2% of the worldwide browser market).

Microsoft has not given a reason for the extra Null characters delivered with downloaded files but typically this is due to some sort of padding mechanism related to the manner in which the file is stored on their servers.