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New social networking service, Pheed, aims to be the new Twitter with richer interface and quality paid feed subscriptions from influencers

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Entrance to the Pheed mansionPheed, launched on August 10, 2012 and operating out of a rented six-acre mansion on Mulholland Drive near Hollywood, has hit 350,000 unique subscribers in only a few months. Several celebrities have already signed up for the service and why not – with Pheed they are allowed to charge for their content feeds or sell special events on a pay-per-view basis.  Many influential feeds are free but some are already selling subscriptions to their followers.  Chris Brown or Slash’s feed will run you $2.99 a month. Prices can range from $1.99 – $34.99 a month and yes, Pheed takes half of the revenue for their cut.

The idea promoted by Pheed is that if you allow influencers to charge for their content feeds, you will get high-quality content rather than a lot of blither you find on Twitter where users are gunning for more followers rather than focusing on good, quality content. All sorts of digital content can be included in the Pheed feeds including text, voice notes, photos, audio, video, and live broadcasts.  Content providers are given total control of their content (although strangely, just like Twitter, you can’t edit a pheed after it’s been posted).

Miley Cyrus recently launched her own Pheed and her first audio recording drew 10,000 visitors in just half a second.  Yeah, this just might catch on.

Signing up for Pheed is free and you can do so here.  Once you sign up, you can browse pheeds and follow the free ones or choose to subscribe to the paid ones.  If you want to monetize your own digital content, you can set your Pheed channel at a premium or charge based on a pay-per-view live broadcast event.

Geek Slop take: expect Twitter to counter this with a Klout like methodology whereby users find it easier to find “quality” Twitter feeds. The interface will likely be spruced up too providing a richer UI and allowing more embedded content and interactivity.  And maybe they will finally allow us to edit our Tweets…

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