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Android Key Lime Pie release date, news, and rumors

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The evolution of the Android operation system (by code name)

Google has done a good job of keeping details of its next Android operation system version, dubbed Key Lime Pie, under wraps but we expect information on the upcoming OS to begin leaking any day now.  So far, here are the rumors that are circulating.  Be forewarned – these are rumors only, and very early rumors at that. Don’t get your hopes up.  When more solid details emerge, I’ll post them here.  For now, let’s dream a bit.

  • Key Lime Pie will be introduced at Google’s I/O event on May 15, 2013 (confirmed)
  • The official version is expected to be 5.0 (although a 4.3 minor release is still possible)
  • Samsung’s highly anticipated Galaxy S4 may include the Key Lime Pie update when it rolls out in 2013 (not likely)
  • It could be introduced on a Sony manufactured “Nexus” device (lots of rumors on this one)

Rumored features and improvement include:

  • Improved voice control application
  • Built-in video chat application
  • Tighter integration with Google+ and other social networking systems
  • More built-in features extracted from the OS and shipped in separate apps (will allow for quicker upgrades of features through Google Play)
  • Performance profiles that allow one-step configuration and automatic scheduling (e.g. gaming mode, overnight mode, reading mode)
  • Continued focus on performance improvements
  • Additional functionality on the lock screen
  • Continued improvements and additions to the camera application (e.g. burst mode, freeze frame, additional, built-in special effects processing including HDR)