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Apple dropped Google Maps because of Google’s refusal to meet Apple’s request for turn-by-turn navigation feature

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Google Apple Fake LogoRumors are breaking as to the reason Apple pulled Google Maps from iOS 6, even though Apple still had 1 year remaining in its contract with Google.  Apparently Apple wanted to include voice-guided turn-by-turn navigation, a big selling point for Android based devices for many years, in their new iOS 6 and iPhone 5 products.  Their contract with Google did not include it.  Google agreed but only if Apple would include Google branding in the application rather than just using Google Maps as a back-end service.  Apple refused.  Google then conditioned Apple’s turn-by-turn request on the inclusion of Google’s Latitude application on the iPhone 5.  Again Apple refused.  The contract negotiations, combined with Apple’s increasing displeasure in Google’s ability to collect data on its users, prompted Apple to begin acquiring mapping companies in order to develop its own in-house mapping solution.  They accelerated development of Apple Maps and when it was apparent that it would be finished in time for the iPhone 5 launch, they decided to drop Google Maps before their contract expired.  The whole thing caught Google off-guard forcing them to scramble to develop a iOS based mapping application for Apple’s users (which is currently in development).