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CyanogenMod replaces ROM Manager with own custom OTA updater

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If you are a CyanogenMod fan, you’re familiar with the ROM Manager, the application that is used to download and apply CyanogenMod custom Android ROM updates to smartphones. CyanogenMod has announced that they are replacing ROM Manger, which is not open source software, with their own customer OTA (over the air) ROM updater. The new updater will check for ROM updates automatically and pull the updates when needed. Users will be able to install nightlies, monthlies, or stable builds (ROM type customizable in the options screen). The integration into CyanogenMod CM 10 is “in progress” but is available in recent nightly builds. To find the feature, make sure you have the latest nightly build, and look in Settings > About phone > CyanogenMod updates. You will still be able to use ROM Manger as your manual updater if desired.