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WWSJD: What would Steve Jobs do? Well, he sure as hell wouldn’t send his customers to Google

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image thumb1191Oh Tim Cook, you’re killing us. Your apology was heartwarming, touching even, and made me feel your pain. I truly felt anguish for the Apple Maps embarrassment. Then I thought, “What would Steve Jobs do?” Well, he sure as hell wouldn’t have sent his customers over to Bing and Google.

Tim, maybe it would help if you became accustomed to asking yourself, WWSJD, each time a major corporate decision is on the line. Steve would have sold us on the dangers of a talking lady jabbering while we’re trying to drive. He would have pointed out the “hide and go seek” location service can be fun! And he would have reminded us that men never, ever ask for directions.

WWSJD?  Steve may have bought Tom Tom for a song and the promise to make them rockstars (rather than partnering with them for an inferior experience). He may have said “our maps are not wrong, your towns are wrong” or maybe used some of his billions of dollars to have the cities move their towns to his location then make us apologize to him. Or he may have openly admitted that there was a problem.  But if he had made the decision that Apple Maps was “good enough”, he would have never apologized for a version 1.0 defect. And he would have never told his customers to use Bing or Google instead.

You still have one year on the Google Maps contract. If you want to fix the problem, roll out iOS 6.0.1 with Google Maps back in and admit that you jumped the gun on Apple Maps.