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Microsoft, stop already – you’re embarrassing yourself – MS gives away RT tablet keyboard for free

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Microsoft Surface RT Tablet and keyboard cover

I can’t say I don’t appreciate the gesture but more to the point, I don’t appreciate getting price-gouged to begin with.  When Microsoft introduced the Windows RT Tablet, they must have felt like they could charge anything they like and people would come running.  And to further poke its customers in the face, they introduced a killer keyboard cover (possibly the nicest tablet keyboard in the industry) for $125 more – in addition to the already costly Surface RT tablet.  Now that demand has failed to manifest itself, Microsoft seems to have come to their senses.  For a limited time, customers in the US and Canada can pick up a Surface RT tablet with a Touch or Type keyboard cover for no extra charge.

Even though the market has been extremely forgiving of Microsoft’s many missteps, the question now is, are they too late?