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The unique design of Casio’s upcoming dual-screen Android smartphone opens up a world of possibilities


Casio Medias W dual-screen smarthphone

NEC Casio’s upcoming Medias W Android smartphone will have two 4.3-inch touch screens arranged back-to-back on a hinge.  When unfolded, the rear screen swings up to form a single 5.6-inch touch screen (with the line in the middle).  In normal usage patterns, the main screen will be used with the phone folded but when both screens are taken into account and put to use, there are several interesting “modes” that the phone can operate in opening up a unique set of opportunities for users.

“Basic mode” is the expected full-screen mode used for viewing larger maps or larger keyboard input when both screens are folded out to form a single large screen.  When opened side-by-side, both screens can also be used independently, for instance to browse the web on one side while the controls are displayed on the other screen or play a video game on one screen while working the controls on the other (theoretically at least).  In addition, a “stand mode” mirrors the content on both screens for group viewing when the phone is folded up.

The Medias W incorporates a Snapdragon S4 Plus 1.5 MHZ dual-core processor, 32 GB expansion slot, 8 MP camera and a surprisingly small (for dual screens anyway) 2100 mAh battery.  The device measures 12mm thick when the phone is folded up. The phone is schedule to launch in Japan in mid-April 2013.  No word on when it will launch, if ever, in the United States.

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