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Yes, there are at least five ways Windows 8 beats Apple’s iOS

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Windows 8 logoPC World posted a list of five ways Windows 8 beats iOS and it is a pretty interesting eye-opener. The article was written by a long-term iPad user who has since moved to Windows 8 and lists not only features present in Windows 8 (and lacking in iOS) but discusses design considerations and why the Windows 8 constructs are beneficial to the user. The advantages they noted were:

Snap Screen

Snap Screen allows the docking of a second app on the edge of the screen giving you the ability to not only multitask applications, but to view two apps side-by-side at the same time. This might not be as important on a mobile smartphone interface but on a larger tablet screen, it’s a pretty sweet feature.

Live Tiles

Live Tiles allow for dynamic content on the Start Screen, similar to Android’s widgets. Examples of dynamic content already available with Live Tiles include news, photo slideshows, weather, and stock quotes. The common color guidelines and Metro style specifications keep the Live Tiles from becoming too noisy and distracting.

Internet Explorer

IE in Windows 8 is indeed pretty slick and performance is stellar. Features and design constructs such as a minimal interface, integrated search, “flip ahead” (flip through pages), and color coded favorites that do not rely on text.

PC World also mentions the ability to configure application settings from the application itself (rather than a global settings/options screen) and access to a rudimentary (transparent) file system as benefits of Windows 8.  You can view the full article here.

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