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Google stands by its Don’t Be Evil mantra and shows other companies how it should be done

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Eclipse IDE logoGoogle stands by its “don’t be evil” motto and shows other corporations how it should be done.  Today Google donated $20,000 to the open-source Eclipse development platform (Eclipse is an open-source programming IDE popular with Java and Android developers).  Eclipse was forced to shut down their performance testing piece of Eclipse in versions 3.8 and 4.2 due to lack of resources.

Mike Milinkovich, Eclipse’s executive director, explained in a blog post:

The performance tests were turned off because the Eclipse platform team has a serious resource issue. The simple fact of the matter is that the Eclipse platform team is stretched well beyond what it can reasonably be expected to accomplish. This is not a new problem.  There have already been a couple of very positive developments that have come out of this conversation. Google has stepped up and donated $20,000 towards the creation of a brand-new testing infrastructure.

In open-source organizations like Eclipse, money is often tight.  Mike Milinkovich said,

There are thousands of companies and millions of developers that make use of Eclipse every day. We need more of these companies to come forward to start participating in the core Eclipse platform. Google’s contribution is a perfect example.

Nice play Google.