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Cool robotic clock writes time with pen, erases, starts again

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Plotclock (Roboclock) - writes times, erases, starts again

Designed by Thingiverse member Johannes from Nuremburg, Germany and created using 3D printed parts, the Plotclock writes the time, in hours and minutes, on a white board using a dry-erase pen, before erasing it and starting again.

Plotclock is powered by an Arduino Uno board and uses three servo motors to control movement of the robotic clock’s arm (see schematic below). Throw in some 3D printed parts, a few bolts, and thread tape and you can make your own.

Schematic for Roboclock (Plotclock)Instructions for building your own Plotclock:

  1. Download the 3D plants from Thingiverse and print on 3mm material
  2. Tap 2.5mm holes as indicated in schematic
  3. Assemble arms with screws and nuts
  4. Load Arduino code (download from Thingiverse)
  5. Use double-sided tape to tape clothe to arm (the eraser)
  6. Attach servos according to schematic
  7. Make minor adjustments to align arms and calibrate Arduino code
  8. Attach pen and off it goes.

Check out the simple schematic below.

Schematic for Roboclock (Plotclock)

Watch the video below and then check out Thingiverse for complete printable parts, instructions, and more video.

Roboclock–writes time, erases, starts again
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