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Here comes Pac-Man Geo – a game using Google Maps where players can build their game stage and play in real-time on a real worldmap.

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In line with its vision of “Creating Entertainment Innovation,”BANDAI NAMCO Research Inc. has cooperated in the planning and development of application game PAC-MAN GEO for AppStore and Google Play, which will be available in 170 countries from September 2020.

PAC-MAN GEO is an action game utilizing the road information of Google Maps Platform. By selecting the scope to be played as a stage from a world map, players can build their game stage in real-time, and encounter PAC-MAN, power pellets, and ghosts on a real worldmap.

Backing the proposal of a “new type of play” utilizing Google Maps Platform, BANDAI NAMCO Research (previously BANDAI NAMCO Studio Inc.*) began engaging in technical verification and prototype direction in 2018. Based on the results of the technical verification, from 2019, the company cooperated with planning and development for the game’s commercialization. While maintaining PAC-MAN’s simple rules and operability, players can experience the game at a deeper level than ever before, such as the joy of choosing one’s own stage to travel the world as they please, the pleasure of finding interesting terrain, and the fun of sharing these new discoveries.

PAC-MAN is an arcade game released by NAMCO Inc. (present-day BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc.) in May 1980, which celebrated its 40th anniversary this year. It’s cute characters and simple way of playing with a single lever led to its huge popularity not only in Japan, but also around the world, where it was adapted into an animation, etc., and ultimately received recognition in the Guinness Book of Records as the most successful coin-operated game.