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Dave & Busters restaurant introduces NFT Digital Collectibles Prizes at restaurants around the country.


Dave & Buster’s restaurant today announced the launch of its NFT Digital Collectibles Prize program today to provide a unique first-of-its-kind experience to NFT collectors. Starting on September 27th, Dave & Buster’s NFT Digital Collectible coins and cards will be available in Dave & Buster’s locations nationwide and can be claimed as prizes in exchange for tickets won. To commemorate the launch, the first collector to own every city card and game coin from the NFT Digital Collectibles Prize program will receive a 1 of 1 Super Master NFT and a $10,000 Dave & Buster’s Power Card.

Dave & Buster’s is one of the first restaurant and entertainment venues to pioneer NFT Digital Collectible coins and cards. The collectible series presents D&B Game Coin Designs and D&B City Card Designs, ranging from common to rare to uber-rare NFTs. Through a partnership with Sweet, a broad-scale NFT platform, Dave & Buster’s introduces a new way for consumers to collect, trade, and own its unique collectible coins and cards tethered to a one-of-a-kind NFT experience.

The entire NFT experience is powered by Sweet’s broad-scale NFT distribution platform which has been integrated into Dave & Buster’s Win system at over 140 locations nationwide. With Sweet’s technology, users can collect unique NFTs through in-venue interactive gameplay to own as rewards, or optionally trade them with other users in a fully gamified, set-completion, experience.

Pete Thornfield, VP Brand Marketing at Dave & Buster’s, said:

“We’re excited to unlock this new opportunity for today’s modern-day collectible at Dave & Buster’s. Our innovative approach to the NFT Digital Collectible prize program provides fun through a gamified and immersive experience. For those looking to collect unique, new NFTs, Dave & Buster’s combines the fun of gaming and the fun of collecting, all while unlocking that everyday winning feeling for our guests.”

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