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The website title and tagline say it all.  Geek Slop provides (mostly) short blasts of concise, detailed, efficient, news and articles covering a variety of intellectual and geeky topics. Articles on Geek Slop cover technology, science, science fiction, comic books, computer programming, hacking, gadgets, cosplay photos, geek humor, and anything else I find interesting.

The tagline, “for geeks and other superhero types” confirms my reverence for the almighty “geek”, those intelligent, intellectual folks who control the world and those around them.

Article Submissions

Geek Slop does not sell nor disclose information about our users to third parties.  You may view our complete privacy policy here.

If you wish to submit and article for inclusion on Geek Slop, use the Contact Us form to submit your article and include a note on how you would like to be credited for the article.  Geek Slop will review your submission and determine whether it fits our publishing guidelines and needs.

Tips (Insider or Public) Submissions

Geek Slop welcomes tips, private or public, from readers.  If you do not wish to be credited for the tip, we will certainly honor your request for privacy.  Again, we do not disclose our users’ personal information to third parties.  Check the Warrant Canary at the bottom of each page for changes.


Gear for testing and review

And of course, if you feel compelled to send us gear for testing and review, we will honor your request and grin ear-to-ear while we play with the “toys” you send.  Send gear and return requirements to:

Geek Slop
2345 Charles Ave.
Burleson, TX 76028

Items submitted for review will only be returned if a return shipping label and postage is included.

Geek wear at Ivy and Pearl Boutique
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