Here’s what’s new in Apple’s macOS Sonoma upgrade.

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macOS Sonoma is now available as a free software update, providing a wide range of new features for the Mac that enhance productivity and entertainment. With macOS Sonoma, desktop widgets offer a fresh way to customize the Mac and increase efficiency, while impressive new screen savers, significant improvements to video conferencing and Safari, and enhanced…

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Windows 10 – rough around the edges but the future looks bright!

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Gotta give props to Microsoft – they did well with Windows 10 both in terms of the design and implementation of the OS and especially the unique rollout via Windows update. I’s obvious that Win10 is going to be a spectacular OS in the future. Why are my comments so forward looking? Because Windows 10,…

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Yes, there are at least five ways Windows 8 beats Apple’s iOS

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PC World posted a list of five ways Windows 8 beats iOS and it is a pretty interesting eye-opener. The article was written by a long-term iPad user who has since moved to Windows 8 and lists not only features present in Windows 8 (and lacking in iOS) but discusses design considerations and why the…

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Russian antivirus vendor, Kaspersky Labs, confirms development of ultra-secure industrial control system OS

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Russian antivirus vendor, Kaspersky Labs, has announced their intent to develop a secure operating system for industrial control systems (ICS), which have been recent targets of hackers and nation-state sponsored cyberattacks. They note that recent attacks against hardware control systems for utilities and industrial equipment has increased during the past decade and as such, they…

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