Texas bar prohibits customers from entering if they ARE wearing a mask.

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Contributing once again to my home state’s persona of ignorant rednecks, a bar in Elgin, Texas is turning away any customer who shows up WEARING a mask. Yeah, the genius owner of Liberty Tree Tavern says “no masks allowed”. The bar reopened last week and says they are adhering to Texas Gov. Greg Abbott’s requirements…

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The clearest images of the top-secret Area 51 base ever taken – Pilot takes advantage of Nellis air traffic controller’s mistake and gets unobstructed closeup view of the top-secret facility.

Post processed cleaned up photo of Area 51

A wily Nevada pilot took advantage of Nellis air traffic controllers in April 2020. The pilot had flown near the Nevada Test and Training Range (NTTR) base before and knew that parts of the highly restricted airspace above the Mojave Desert were sometimes opened if no air traffic was using the space. Knowing this, Gabriel…

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The mysterious Nazca Lines of Peru

Nazca lines in Peru - The Astronaut

The Nazca Lines are a collection of unusual, large ancient geoglyphs etched into the high plateaus of the Nazca Desert in southern Peru. The largest are nearly a quarter-mile long and depict a variety of objects and shapes including more than 70 drawings of animals such as birds, fish, llamas, jaguars, and monkeys – many…

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