National Geographic takes a deep dive into the history of the Transatlantic slave trade with new podcast, magazine feature, and documentary special about the most intact slave shipwreck ever found.

Tara Roberts with Diving With A Purpose board member Kamau Sadiki

Ahead of Black History Month, National Geographic is launching a powerful new podcast, INTO THE DEPTHS, on Jan. 27, 2022, that uncovers the deep history of the transatlantic slave trade as it follows a group of Black divers who are dedicated to finding and helping to document slave shipwrecks.

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Polari – this bizarre slang has been around for hundreds of years.

Rainbow plaguq on Leeds City Varieties Theater

You’ve probably heard the language spoken in Doctor Who, Doom Patrol, Filth Rich and Catflap, Velvet Goldmine, or Dragon Quest, sometimes subtitled like a foreign language. Polari is the name of a form of slang that was once used in Britain by some actors, circus and fairground showmen, professional wrestlers, merchant navy sailors, criminals, prostitutes,…

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