Making homemade deodorant in a survival situation.

Baking soda flour mixture

Two important aspects of survival that many may find surprising – cleanliness and state of mind. Cleanliness is important because in a primitive survival situation, something as small as a minor injury or unsanitary condition can be deadly.

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How to make your own hand sanitizer (it’s super easy).

Generic hand sanitizer

Hand sanitizer is not as effective as washing your hands but will suffice in situations where hand washing is not possible. Most people are not aware that commercial hand sanitzer uses just three simple ingredients – alcohol, aloe vera gel, and scented oils. You can easily make your own.

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Treating skin diseases and burns (with antiseptics you can find in the wild).

About infections in the wild Boils, fungal infections, and rashes typically do not pose serious health problems unless poor hygiene results in a secondary infection. They cause discomfort though and may be treated to reduce discomfort and accelerate healing time. Treating Boils in the wild A boil is a localized infection in the skin.  Over…

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